Freedom with Pastor Zimmer

Between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm listen to Freedom with Pastor Zimmer.

You will hear personal life stories from people across the world and in our local community. On Freedom you are invited to call in at 863-386-0001.

Tune in daily to hear the message, latest weather reports, local traffic, music and Christian inspiration.

English/Spanish Broadcasting Schedule


How Exciting! We have updated our English/Spanish Programming.

Spanish Programming starts  9pm thru 11am!

English Programming starts  11am thru 9pm!


Jorge Martinez “Wake up with Jesus” 8am to 9am (Spanish Programming)

Pastor Ron Zimmer “Freedom” 11am thru 1pm (English Programming)

If you have an idea to help improve the programming at WVDV 104.9 FM please give us a call (863) 386-0001, we are listener supported Radio.


We thank the community and all those that gave generously especially those that gave what they can!  We need to keep the ball rolling.  We just need to raise an additional funds, so that we can keep WVDV 104.9 FM Voice of Truth Radio on the Air, Please Help today.  

You can  make a one time love gift or set up a monthly offering through PAYPAL, please share this with your friends on Facebook, Instagram or email this article to your friends. Thank you.

2,000lbs Food Give Away

Starting the first Friday in June 2017 we are giving away 2,000lbs of Food!!! All you have to do is TO CALL 863-386-0001, IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU HEAR THE FOLLOWING PHRASE. “It’s Time to Call For Free Food!” Then you are Registered . You can pick up your BAG OF FOOD THE FOLLOWING Friday between the hours from 9am-4pm.